Please download software / Apps for our products.     >> S04/S10/30L/30S/W30/W50/S01/S03/S07/S08/S09      >> S02    >> B30S/S04/60L/60S/30L/30S OTG/80PS OTG/ 80PL OTG(OTG Android smartphone,Basically Samsung)     >> 60L/60S     >> B30S/BW30/BW50     >> BW35/B30S (No LOGO)     >> BW30/W30/W35 WIFI(Android mobiles)(Iphone search in store "Hotmac")    >> MAC System (Only for HT-60S, some specific MacBook,no guarantee for all MacBook)      >> 80PS/80PL  >> DS02 for Android users >> DS02 for PC (If your computer system is in English, then the software interface appears in English) 


1. OTG function and connection with smartphone:
1. The smartphone should be Android phone. And the smartphone support OTG function. (Please firstly know what the OTG function is).
2. Apart from OTG function available, the smartphone does NOT block the external camera connection (some phone manufacturers may block this function).
3. Basically, this kind of digital microscope supports very few smartphone, as required above. So, this digital microscope mainly supports connection with computer.
4. If your smartphone, with OTG function, the software installed, and you open it, you find the images (it means phone manufacturer does not block this function), then it works on smartphone. Otherwise, this phone does not support digital microscope.

Give an example, HT-80PS or 80PL these two models, when connected with computer, you should download the software, and install it on computer:
If you want to connect with smartphone, you should check the first two points above:
if your smartphone supports function OTG;
download this APP for smartphone:
if your smartphone supports the external camera connection(if so, then images can be seen on the software)
It means the connection with smartphone is available.

2. WIFI models (for example, W35, BW30, 80PW) supports all smartphone, tablet, iPad, and laptop, or even other WiFi devices that function WiFi, and send WIFI signals.

.......Find more click here microscope apps

Download software / Apps here:

If any question, please contact email:

Please download software / Apps for our products.    >>Hot Electronicis company and Certificates more files.     >> S04 / S10 / 30L / 30S / W30 / W35 / S01/ S03 / S07 / S08 /S09, (Note: when W35 for detecting PCB,electrocs,textile...etc.)      >> S02    >> B30S/S04/60L/60S/30L/30S OTG (OTG Android smartphone,Basically Samsung)     >> 60L/60S     >> B30S/BW30/BW35/, (Note: when W35 for beauty salon usage, hair, skin, this name BW35 is the same as W35)     >> BW35/B30S (No LOGO)     >> BW30/W30/W35 WIFI(Android mobiles) (for iPhone, search in apple store "Hotmac")

Note: Mobile phone user for WIFI models ( BW30/W30/W35 ) should download by computer browser and unzip  the file,and transfer it to smartphone for installation; it cannot open the link directly on your smartphone!    >> MAC System      >> 80PS/80PL

Download software / Apps here

Download software / Apps here

Download software / Apps here: any question, please contact email:indmu@h..

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