Is the beauty business or beauty treatment industry a botch job?

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Under the Skin: The Botched Beauty Business

Non-surgical beauty treatments, such as botox, micro-needling and thread lifts, have surged in popularity over the last few years.

The non-surgical aesthetics industry is now worth around £3 billion. Yet for such an accessible industry, it is almost completely unregulated and that is putting patients at risk.

Beauty influencer, Anchal Seda investigates how unregulated training is leading to clients suffering with severe and long-term injuries.

After meeting a botched victim who almost lost their eyesight, Anchal discovers anyone can train to become an aesthetics practitioner and go on to carry out any number of invasive beauty treatments.
Yet finding good training is expensive and challenging as nobody is regulating the quality of these courses.

Anchal realises whilst you may be able to book an appointment at your local clinic for an affordable price, there is no guarantee that your practitioner has trained to an adequate level.

With no previous experience in aesthetics, Anchal goes undercover on some training courses to show us how easy it is to get qualified.

She reveals how complicated procedures involving needles are being taught over the internet with no practical elements, whilst face-to-face courses are failing to teach basic hygiene and anatomy, which ultimately compromises patient safety.

After a shocking reveal of the poor quality of these training courses in which patient safety is put at risk, Anchal asks, what it will take to make this industry safer?


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